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 Elliasso's GM Staff Applications :)

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Elliasso's GM Staff Applications :) Empty
PostSubject: Elliasso's GM Staff Applications :)   Elliasso's GM Staff Applications :) EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 8:02 am

Elias's GM Application

*Age: 17 (Please no age comments :\)

*In Game Name: Elias97 (Bp)

*Gender: Male

*Loction: Sweden, Orebro

*GMT: + 1

*Hobby: Play Flyff, Fotball, Being Whit me Freinds

*Known Languages: Swedish, English, Arabic, Syrian and a little bit Spanish

How can you help the server?: Well for one I can help any Scandinavian players in they're own native language, as-well as any English speaking players, I also have a long track record playing flyff, so I know most of the game pretty well.
Besides that, I tend to spend about 12-15 hours in front of the computer, most of this is in the evening/night due to my sleep schedule, so I will be online and able to help for the majority of the day, and during the time most players are online.
During the weekends, I will be online for large parts unless something else comes up (ie: family arrangements, birthdays, a party, something equivalent to being mildly social).

If a random player is swearing his chest off to you saying you reply slow or why are you AFK, For example. ''Fuck you bitch I asked you a question 2 minutes ago! fuck youuuuuuu you don't deserve you're spot go to hell noob'' how will you tackle this situation?:
I'd tell him to chillax, I will help you as fast as I can, but you will have to wait your turn, you are not the only player online, and there might be others needing help aswell.
If that doesent help, I will give him a warning, telling him that if he does not calm down, and wait, i will not be able to help him.
If THAT doesent help, well, /ignore.

If you're having a bad day, and you can't be arsed with players nagging you for help, what would you do?: If I am in a really bad mood, i blast some power metal, chug down a beer, and mellow out for a little while, that usually does the trick.

Reason for Applying(Why do you want to be a Game Master here?): Well, to be honest. I think I should be honest because i'm the right guy for the job. I'm responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and i'm a tremendous help. If anybody needs help or asks for help, i'll be there on the hop. I'll attempt to answer every possible question asked, and if I don't know the answer to, i'll try my best to help. I know being a Game Master takes a ridiculous amount of responsibility, but i'm up for the job. I'm going to try my best to help the server grow, become popular, and try my best to make this server the best server possible. I will keep the server clean of trouble-makers, rule-breakers, and possibly even bug-abusers. I'm confident enough that i'll be a Game Master and I know that demonicflyff could use a guy like me, but if I don't get chosen, that's alright, because you guys have your reasons and i'll respect them. However, i'll still play this server and help new players.

Staff Experience(Have you ever worked as a Game Master in another game/server?):
I would say YES! Being an In Game GM, i held some position in game.
1. Event GM: includes Question and Answer, Hide and Seek, and Monster Invasion.
2. Bug Finder GM: finding BUGS inside the game, finding HACKERS, and finding ITEM BUGS. I am hiding inside the game at all times, in order for me to find BUGS safely and successfully.
3. Chat Moderator: 5 - 10 hours inside the CHAT BOX. Guiding fresh and all players.

*How long have you played: I have played flyff for around 4-5 years now, I played consecutively because I thought it looked like a fairy tale game when I was younger. I used to role play thinking I was actually saving people from all the mobs I killed xD. I played King Flyff for 3 months when there was a hellion theme (reddish orange with a tiger on the action bar) and Derek, Alica, and Annie (there were more I believe) were GMs (I don't know what version). I had to leave because my family was moving and I could not remember the site address when we settled into our new house. I have rejoined now for about a month or so (I played on my friends BP a bit then made my own account) And i played demonicflyff for like 2 months right now and i like it better then kingflyff and eflyff. demonicflyff is a really good server.

About you: Well I'm Elias and I am currently in 3th ring. I am a social person and love to make new friends. I am not prejudice to anyone or anything because learning new things fascinates me and I treat people only on how I would want to be treated. I enjoy to cooking and cleaning and I love Chinese food. I spend a little too much time on the computer (or so my friends say) but I do get out for a good old skateboarding session with them every once in awhile. I do have somewhat of a sick mind for only being 17 but I tend to keep it to myself unless it works at the heart of the moment xD.

Extra Information: I do know how to make signatures, borders, banners, avatars, etc. Anything really that includes using your imagination and creativity is really for me. I also do know some GM codes but help would be needed and have a GM handbook of codes at my finger tips to look something up instantly (Gotta love Ctrl + f). Also I know a ton about forum coding and moderating. If there is anything to learn it is not a problem because I am a quick learner and when I put my mind into something it will be done. I also stay up late A LOT you could sometimes find me playing at 5 am ._.

Kind of Works: Nothing yet School

Thanks for reading this

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Elliasso's GM Staff Applications :)
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