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 Huseyins GM App

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Nickname: Huseyin.


Experience with FlyFF:

I played for like 5.5 years of real flyff then i got bored and thought i would play private servers.

Experience as a GM:

I have been a GM in another game before and i had to leave because i had exams and now my exams are finished.

Why do you want to be a GM:

I'd Like to help people And answer their questions if they need help.

Do you have what it takes to be a GM? Explain why:

Well i know the Commands.

I am experienced.

I could say im on daily

What will you do when you are a GM:

I will help people

I will answer their Questions

Host a lots of events if permited to by the owner.

How long can you play each day/week?:
Holidays :

5-8 houres each day.


3-5 houres each day. (depends on anyother activites i do).

How can we contact you?:

Writing :

Msn-( my E-mail is


Speaking :


Anything else you want to tell us:
I Can Make new Events

Other Skills

I can speak English/Turkish

I can keep a eye on hackers

I Can keep a eye on the chat/forum.

The End

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Huseyins GM App
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