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 Bugs that has been solved

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Bugs that has been solved Empty
PostSubject: Bugs that has been solved   Bugs that has been solved EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 10:30 pm

Bugs that have been fixed!

fixed the lord canidate problem for 3rd jobs
items such as the baruna protection scrolls can no longer be activated as a buff
fixed the downgrade chance on baruna equipment
removed the "total: number" debug message
removed the debug message when pressing on a item link
linking to eggs no longer crashes the worldserver
linking to pets in general works perfect now
fixed a crash bug regarding pets
sleeping wears off correctly now
fixed the missing knight weapons in npc stores
made knight skills useable again
the left hand no longer mimicries the glow of the right hand
fixed the incorrectly displayed baruna icon
duel option readded

Not yet fixed/done.

the linked item window is missing ultimate slots
rains permanently
some newer amps do not function correctly
monster info button on map does not work

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Bugs that has been solved
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